Students vote to increase self-assessed fees

Last week, Southeastern students voted for the approval of a referendum, which concerned self-assessed fee adjustments and increase.  This referendum raised the student fees by a total of $75.25.

The largest fee adjustment is a $50 increase for Lions Athletics.   The second largest fee adjustment is for Student Recreational Operations, which is a $15 increase.  The other seven fee adjustments are $3 or less.

Of the approximately 15,000 students enrolled at Southeastern, 2,031 participated in the portion of the election that concerned the referendum. Of these students, 66.72 percent voted in favor of it.

David Cavell, current SGA president, said, “We’re trying to connect to the students, but some students, they just don’t care. It’s sad because this is the future of their organization and I wish that the students did start to care more and that’s something that I’ve always strived for.”

M. J.  Ahmad, who was elected as Student Government Association vice-president last week, worked as an author of the Referendum.

“It’s an opportunity to utilize—to make our university better and expand our services and make it run more efficiently,” says Ahmad.

In accordance with “Student Referendum Fact Sheet,” some advantages of the referendum include longer pool hours, off-campus Lion Traxx routes, more student jobs and internships, and more competitive and attended athletic activities.

To access the complete referendum, visit

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