Students voice opinions previous to tonight’s debate

Students voice opinions previous to tonight’s debate (video link)

With two very different views on the future of America, Southeastern students will have to decide which presidential candidate brings the best deal to the table. The upcoming Presidential debate slated for tonight at 7 p.m. Central Standard Time is airing on all major stations and may cement student’s decision for which candidate is the best choice for them and America.

Registered independent Jessica Leblanc will be watching tonight, and said that she will be paying attention to the views of both of the candidates. “Actually, I think maybe this debate is going to sway my vote,” she said.

Tonight’s debate will focus on domestic policy and will be held at the University of Denver in Colorado. Jim Lehrer, PBS’s Executive Editor will be the moderator.

Several students on campus have decided not to watch the debate tonight but many more have made the commitment to tune in. Students have also expressed several opposing views on the candidates. Some students lean towards President Obama continuing with another four-year term.

“I’ll be watching the debate tonight, and I’ll be leaning towards the democratice party,” said sophomore Macy Washington, “because of the views on education. I’m an early childhood education major, and I want to make sure my future is secure.

Junior Whitney Christy is also planning on watching the debate. “The thing I’m most interested in is Obama discussing his views on foreign and domestic policy. They’re both very contraversial things, and everybody has different views on it, so I’m really interested in hearing what he plans on doing with foreign policy in particular.”

Though many students are undecided, some are leaning towards the republican party, and hope to see Mitt Romney do well. According to recent polls, President Obama is expected to win the first debate, but many are not aniticipating this outcome.

“I’m leaning towards Mitt Romney,” said sophomore marketing major Stephen Zorilla. “I like his stand on foreign policy. I also like that he claims he’s going to open up the oil in Alaska so that we aren’t dependent on the middle east.”


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