Students are touched by performances at God’s Chosen Gospel Choir’s Fall Musical

Chosen Gospel Choir Informational DisplayHammond – On Tuesday, Southeastern’s God’s Chosen Gospel Choir presented its Annual Fall Musical as a showcase for students wanting to join Christian musical organizations on campus. Performances included three liturgical dance selections, performances from the alumni choir and current choir, solos vocal performances, and guest speakers.

God’s Chosen Gospel Choir
God’s Chosen Gospel Choir, directed by Rebecka Bush, consists of Southeastern student vocalists that sing and minister to audiences on campus as well as churches and organizations around Louisiana.

Bre’yahna Williams, Senior and Choir President, says that the Annual Fall Musical will serve as a showcase to encourage students to join the choir.

Not only do the choir perform, they also act as a peer group to members. “It is a good atmosphere,” said Williams. “It’s a place where students can come and be relaxed and talk about their feelings.”

2012 Annual Fall Musical
Preparations that went into producing the musical included passing out fliers as well as word of mouth. “We get other organizations to announce it at their meetings,” said Williams. “We asked organizations like NAACP, Ladies of Green and Gold, and some fraternities and sororities to spread the word.”

Brandon Parker, Co-Faculty Advisor and former member of the God’s Chosen Gospel Choir, said they asked many organizations to come and support, including other colleges’ choirs and dance organizations. “Basically we just have prayer and put it together and let the Lord use us,” said Parker.

James Drake

Praise-N-Motion member James Drake performs liturgical miming piece.

Outstanding Performance
The musical this year consisted of many vocal as well as dance performances from Southeastern students and alumni. But the one performance that made an impression on students was a liturgical miming performance by Praise-N-Motion Dance Ministries member, James Drake.

Isaac Chatman, Freshmen, said that Drake’s performance was his favorite. “For him to take an actual sermon and to be able to minister that was powerful,” said Chatman.

Anthony Davis, Freshman, said that he too was “touched” watching Drake’s performance. “I really liked it,” said Davis.

Williams’ favorite part was the entire choir performing together. She thinks of this as a showcase for other students who are wanting to join. “Our presentation means everything,” said Willims. “Hopefully it’ll make people want to join.”

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