Students respond to Japan disasters

Mere days after the cataclysmic earthquakes and tsunami that rocked Japan, students are pulling together to help out in whatever ways they can.

Geoffrey Barnaba, an international business major at LSU began sharing outreach methods with his friends as soon as they came available.  “One of the ones lost was dear friend of someone close to me, and there are some US students studying abroad south of Sendai that haven’t been heard from either,” Barnaba stated when asked why the quick response.

Some students aren’t content with just a simple click-and-donate option. Morgan Perry, a sequential arts student at the Savannah College of Art and Design is organizing a video game tournament where all of the proceeds will be donated to the relief effort.  Along with the announcement for this tournament, Perry said “Japan gave us endless hours of joy, it’s only appropriate we give back to them in their time of need.”

As all the information piles in, students are trying to keep a level head.  Nicholas Lacour, an international studies major at LSU is looking on the bright side of the event. “I’m trying not to let my love for Japan bias my feelings on a natural disaster that could have been worse. All of my friends are safe and that’s enough for me.”

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