Students represent gubernatorial candidates in forum


Students took to the mic to discuss the candidates of the upcoming gubernatorial race.

The students of Southeastern came together in an open forum to discuss and debate the candidates of the gubernatorial race as October 24 draws closer and closer. Candidates David Vitter, John Bel Edwards, Jay Dardenne and Scott Angelle were all represented by attendees, whom also answered questions regarding their chosen candidates.

Dr. Claire Procopio, an associate professor for the university’s communications department, started off the events by introducing the speakers as they took the mic. Vitter was the candidate of choice from the first forum’s first speaker. The speaker spoke of Vitter’s stance on several issues, ranging from high education to safety for police.

Next to take the mic to represent Scott Angelle was senior communications major Kaitlyn Johnson. Like that of the speaker before her, Johnson discussed where her candidate stood on key issues that hang in the balance with the new governorship.

“So here we are again. Trying to decide who can mess Louisiana up less,” said Johnson. “He [Angelle] plans on cutting out college programs that are not performing well,”

Two more speakers fallowed, one for each of the remaining candidates. It was following the speakers that the crowd was allowed to get involved into the forum. Those who were interested in finding out more information on the candidates took to the mic and asked their questions. Several attendees were given a chance to speak on the candidate of their choosing and provide the crowd with why they were the right candidate for the job.

“To me the biggest thing that we need right now is vocational programs in schools,” said one attendee. “We are a state that was built off of welders, pipe fitters, plumbers, things of that nature and we are losing that a lot in school lately. I think that is going to be one of the biggest issues for me coming up.”

A poll was taken of all those in attendance as to who would be their chosen candidate this Saturday. Dardenne edged out the victory with 17 votes with John Bel Edwards right behind him with 14.

The full forum can be streamed here. Visit to find registration status and polling places.

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