Students react to government shutdown

On Tuesday, Oct. 1, the United States federal government shut down due to the failure of the House and Senate to agree upon a bill to fund the government. During the shutdown, many government agencies will cease their functions.

Members of the U.S. Armed Forces and postal workers are still working and getting paid during the shutdown. According to Forbes, over a million other government employees are requested to work but may face delayed pay if the shutdown lasts too long. Members of the House and Senate still get paid.

During the shutdown social programs such as SNAP (the food stamp program) can shut down. National parks and museums are also closed and inspections by the Food and Drug Administration are suspended.

Communication major Jarrett Harris said this of the shutdown,

“I think they’re doing this because they’re mad about Obamacare. And they still get paid while other people can’t work. This is what’s wrong with the world; no one cares about other people.”

History major Coty Carver believes the shutdown doesn’t make sense, “I genuinely feel the government should be able to this shutdown. If we are at such a critical point and we need decisions to be made they shouldn’t shut down. They should be actively working,” said Carter.

Henry Serpas, a communication major, said this of the shutdown, “I feel that the government shutdown is due to the grand ole party’s rejection of Obamacare and healthcare for everyone. They’re against that, so they reacted in a childish manner and shut down the government to repeal this act that Obama passed.”

The government shutdown has been in place for five days at the writing of this article. There have been 17 government shutdowns since 1977 and the longest shutdown took place in 1995 and lasted 21 days.

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