Students raise money, awareness for Standing Rock protests

Southeastern students enrolled in a social movement class held a bake sale on Monday to support the protests occurring on the Standing Rock Indian Reservation in North Dakota.

The bake sale raised funds to send to Oceti Sakowin Camp, a prominent camp of protesters against the installation of the Dakota Access Pipeline.  The proceeds will provide the camp with medical supplies and materials for winter weather.

“We want to educate,” said Michael Frank, a senior political science major working the sale. “We want to pass the movement along and at the same time collect whatever we can.” Frank said that the bake sale had been a great success and that people had reacted positively to the event.

According to freshman sociology major Jessica Bell, the social movement course requires students to join and spread awareness of a social movement. Participants in the project journal their involvement as part of the final exam.

“It’s a really historical time in our country’s history,” Bell said, adding that over 500 Native American tribes have come together for the first time in support of Standing Rock.

Frank said there has not been enough media coverage of the human rights issues involved in the pipeline protests. He said the bake sale was more about exposure for the cause than raising money.

Lauren Hunt, a freshman art major and enrolled member of a Native American tribe, also discussed the need to spread awareness and information about the issue. She stopped at the table to add to the proceeds.

“It’s fantastic,” Hunt said. “It’s a positive way of presenting the issue and starting a dialogue.”

The sale included vegan brownies baked by Bell, as well as vegan and non-vegan cookies and other organic baked goods.

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