Students offer advice for surviving finals

HAMMOND- Finals week has arrived. Southeastern students are preparing for the last week of the semester which, as always, is filled with final exams. It takes more than studying to escape finals week unscathed.

Students all have their own approaches to finals; most of them involve lots of studying. Hailey DeLaune, a sophomore student at Southeastern, is one such student. “I guess you could say I go into intense study mode,” DeLaune said, “I don’t get panic attack or nervous breakdown ridiculous about it. But I do study a lot.”

The biggest challenge finals week brings is the juggling act it makes students perform. Often students have more than one exam on a given day during the week, which makes prioritizing classes essential to success.

Douglas Doescher, a senior at Southeastern, explains his strategy. “The way I prepare for finals week is I decide which classes I have a chance of improving my grade in and I will study harder for that class,” Doescher said, “while in the others making sure I maintain the same grades.”

Finals week is particularly challenging for freshman because it’s their first time. Having experienced finals week twice before, DeLaune offers her advice. “I tell them to study as much as you can but don’t make yourself sick of it, take breaks, prioritize, organize,” DeLaune said.

According to DeLaune, “The most important thing is to realize that it’s not the end of the world if you don’t make an A in the grand scheme of things, and take a deep breath and relax because it’s never as bad as you think it will be,” she said.

Her advice was echoed by Doescher. “My advice would be to relax since it’s just another test. Manage your schedule right and you’ll do fine,” Doescher said.

The most encouraging news for any concerned freshman is that finals get better as the semesters pass. “I found that my finals weeks have gotten easier since it’s been 5 or 6 semesters of going through them,” Doescher said.

Experience is helpful to succeeding during finals according to DeLaune. “My finals have definitely gotten easier since my freshman semester, because now I know how to prepare and better ways to study; and it’s not as overwhelming,” DeLaune said.

To some students, finals week isn’t particularly worse than any other week. According to Dennis Dale, a sophomore at Southeastern, keeping a level head is all one needs to get through. “Finals week isn’t anything special, you just have to make sure you don’t panic,” Dale said.

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