Students for Life?

Southeastern Students for Life, a student organization developed to promote pro-life issues and support advocates, is scheduled to meet in Fayard Hall Room 204 on Wednesdays at 6 p.m. according to its website.

An effort to gain information about the organization is challenging. Meetings are often canceled and information about meeting times is incorrect as published on the website. Incorrect information on the organization’s official website page, with few updates on the organization’s Facebook page, will not bring in students and may fail retain current members.

Southeastern Students for Life is invisible. The group does not participate in any campus activities to promote itself. Failure to utilize Southeastern’s own broadcast station to promote the organization’s cause appears as a lack of passion for Southeastern’s Students for Life’s success or commitment to its ideals.

If members of the organization really care for the pro-life movement as much as the name implies, self- promotion is a vital step in the organization’s ability to achieve its goals. Southeastern Louisiana University has an award winning Communications department. Students for Life has the opportunity to use the departmental resources to its advantage by scheduling interviews and informative segments that could be aired at premium times.

This club would no doubt benefit if it would reach out to the students of Southeastern. Students for Life is a campus organization, so it should use that to its fullest advantage. Southeastern’s Student Union has thousands of students passing by each day, yet there has been no booth, rally or fundraiser letting people know about this pro-life movement.

Fortunately, Southeastern Students for Life is participating in a march for life in November, but the registration for the march is now closed. No promotional campaign was exercised on campus to let students know of the march for life or the opportunity they had to participate in the event with the group. The group of 18 members only discussed the march in the privacy of its meeting and a Facebook posting in a Facebook page that boasts a mere 55 followers.

Students for Life is an organization with an important cause and has a tremendous opportunity to positively impact on the students of Southeastern. If the club would simply commit to self-promotion, it might be able to increase the funding and membership it so desperately needs to reach other students interested in supporting its cause.

For more information on Students for Life, email the organization’s president at

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