Students: Conquer Your Fears With Toastmasters International

New to the 2017 Southeastern college of business, Toastmasters International is a student club that seeks to improve the leadership and communication skills of its members.

“It’s the most important thing you can learn in college” said senior accounting major and president of Southeastern Louisiana University Toastmasters International Ian Squires.

Toastmasters International

Speaking from personal experience, Squires admits that he used to be incompetent during job interviews however, the skills and experience he has acquired from Toastmasters have led him to ace his most recent job interview, moving him closer to his future goals. These skills are learned by providing club members with a learning environment that is both supportive and positive. Each meeting, members have a chance to actively participate by speaking to the group voluntarily about primed topics. Other members come prepared with brief speeches that are given to the group and then later critiqued on the positive and negative aspects of their presentation. Over time, participating members become braver and better able to articulate their thoughts when speaking in front of a group.

Now recognized as an official club by the university for the Spring 2017 semester, Toastmasters membership is growing in numbers. Senior management major and SLU Toastmasters International vice president of public relations Anna Strider said that “,having Toastmasters International on campus has really been beneficial, and there are plans to expand into other majors.”

Toastmasters International is an inclusive club that can benefit any student looking expand their abilities. Via email interview, Toastmasters International district program quality director Mohamad Qayoom stated, “SLU Toastmasters is an excellent opportunity for the students to improve their communication and leadership skills in a supportive and positive learning environment. I hope the students take full advantage of this opportunity to achieve their self improvement goals. I hope this club not only produces great communicators and leaders, but also great human beings.”

Toastmasters International meets every other week in room #37 located in Garrett Hall at 5:00 p.m.









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