Student Technology Center cures aching pocketbook with check out service

College courses are requiring technology to be used more today than ever before. Southeastern offers an equipment checkout service to students so their pocketbooks are not affected by the need to keep up with this ever changing technology. This service is called Mane Media.

Emily Dykes, a Student Technology Center graduate assistant, summarizes Mane Media, “It is an equipment checkout service offered by the Student Technology Center. Students have the option to check out equipment like laptops, cameras, and more for an extended period of time or items like graphing calculators or tablets for three hour usage.”

The process for obtaining equipment from Mane Media is simple. It is an online application that requires users to be current Southeastern students and to have a faculty sponsor. Once the faculty sponsor approves the application, the equipment requested can be picked up during official university office hours with a photo ID.

Southeastern's Student Technology Center

Southeastern Louisiana University’s Student Technology Center

Lauren Rose, a special education graduate student, utilized the service several times in her undergraduate methods courses. She describes the service as a quick and simple process and a beneficial opportunity for students. She said, “As a college student, it can be difficult to provide expensive equipment you may only have to use once or twice for a specific course.”

With distance education at its peak at Southeastern, more and more students are eliminating the traditional classroom setting and working from home. Even the traditional classroom courses are being partially taught and organized through an online learning management system, Moodle. Mane Media provides a practical, inexpensive opportunity to use the necessary equipment to be productive in online environments from the comforts of home or wherever is most convenient.

Sylvia Onyeagusi, a senior Nursing major and Student Technology Center attendant, thinks that Mane Media is an important student service. She said, “It provides equipment that students can’t afford and allows them the convenience of doing their work at home.”

All in all, the growth in technology cannot be stopped. And the work force and education systems are forced to grow alongside it. In college, specifically, this can be very expensive and come at a high cost to the student. Southeastern’s Student Technology Center remedies this financial burden with its equipment checkout service, Mane Media.

According to Dykes, “Mane Media has been a very popular service among students here at Southeastern.”

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