Student Organizations Move to Phase 3

Louisiana’s move into Phase 3 allows for an upgrade in attendants to Southeastern Louisiana University student organizational meetings.

According to Governor Edwards Sept. 11 statement on, Louisiana is officially moving into Phase 3 of the President’s COVID-19 reopen safely plan. This will allow most businesses in Louisiana to open to 75% of the occupancy in addition to social distancing.

Dr. Eric Summers, vice president of the division of student affairs, said that until now organizations have been limited to 25 people at in-person meetings. He said that because of the state’s progression into Phase 3 the University is planning on increasing the number of attendants allowed at events. Summers said the new policy would allow students to attend events up to 50% of the room’s total capacity, limited to 100 people. Summers said this new policy would allow for organizational events such as intramural sports and outside events that the interim framework did not.

He said the new policy will be announced next week.

Student organizations this semester have been mainly conducting their meetings virtually.

SGA president, L’Oreal Williams said about Student Government Association, “This semester we’ve gone completely virtual with all of our meetings. As far as activities, we’re doing a lot of virtual engagement on social media…we’ve also had a virtual retreat this semester.”

She said doing the retreat virtually was different because they were not able to interact with each other in-person but it was fun. Williams said Dr. Gabe Willis, dean of students, and Ms. Marjorie Parker, director of student engagement; both spoke to the student leaders.

Williams said that conducting virtual meetings has not hurt her organization. She said it just looks different this semester.

Other students have also reported that their organizations have used virtual meeting methods to engage with their members.

Kaylee Bech, sophomore theatre design major, is a member of Alpha Psi Omega. She said APO puts on student run plays so that any student, not just a theatre major, can take part.

Bech said, “We’re about to have auditions for a student written play…auditions can either be virtual or you can schedule a time-slot.”

Samantha Ellis, a member of many student organizations, said that organizations are not requiring as much from their members because their primary concerns is to keep members safe while also keeping them involved.

Summers said, “Students that are involved, they’re the ones that graduate. Anyone can come here and get a degree, but you have to build a resume. The leaders of tomorrow are the ones that are showing today, that they have leadership skills.”


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