Student Government Association Lowers Students’ Scantron Allowance.


As of last week, the Student Government Association lowered the number of scantrons and bluebooks they will allow students for free weekly.


In past semesters, Southeastern students could receive up to five free scantrons or bluebooks each week from the Office of Student Engagement, in room 2307 of the Student Union.  But as of last week, that number has gone down to three.


Student Government President, Erin Fernandez, says that this change has a lot to do with a decrease in student enrollment.  Fernandez says that student enrollment has been on a downward trend, yet SGA is spending more money than ever on scantron orders.  This is a major problem because the SGA’s budget comes  from student assessed fees which is dependent upon student enrollment.


Every semester each student pays $17.50 towards Southeastern’s Student Government Association. The more students enrolled each semester means the more money the Student Government has to go towards student engagement.


So why if enrollment is down are more scantrons being taken?  Student Government members say that they constantly hear about students taking advantage of the free scantrons, and stock-piling them rather than using them for tests that week.


Fernandez said that not even three weeks into this semester she was informed that they were going to run out of scantrons by midterm.  After hearing this, Fernandez made an executive order stating that on February 1st students would only be allowed three scantrons per week from the Student Government.


Although the executive order was put into effect quickly, SGA says it was not a spur-of-the-moment decision. Fernandez said, “This wasn’t a decision that was made lightly.  We had been thinking about it for a while and decided this was a good time because it is early in the semester and wouldn’t catch people off guard during midterms or finals.”


She believes that three is fair considering most students do not have more than three tests or quizzes in one week that require a scantron or blue book.


The order has been in effect as of one week today.  So far no students or faculty have lodged a formal complaint.


….This in Elizabeth Benedict for the Southeastern U. Reporter….


Source Information:

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