Student Government Association Business

On March 27 a Southeastern Louisiana University Student Government Association meeting took place and the main focus of that meeting was to discuss funding opportunities for various groups and organizations on campus.  The meeting was called to order at 5:05 p.m.

Dr. Pamela Rault, SGA faculty advisor, informed the members that an extra $8,000 was discovered in the organization’s fund that helps other clubs and organizations on campus receive money when it is needed.

“There was money encumbered in the budget however, as actual bills came in, it released money that was encumbered for different services or events,” said Rault.

Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity, Alpha Sigma Tau sorority, the National Organizational Communication Association (NOCA), and the Southeastern biology department all separately asked SGA for funding to send some of their members to conventions that the organizations felt would greatly benefit their members.

Desire Acosta, a member of Alpha Sigma Tau, said, “We understand that money is tight for SGA, but we still want to ask them for the money to help us offset the cost of the trip for our members.”

A campus representative also asked SGA for a capital outlay to fund the internal and external study areas to Tinsley Hall.

All of the bills passed favorably.  However, there are still a few more steps that have to be taken before the clubs are given a definite yes to their requests.

“It has to go to the Senate after this, and then the president of SGA has the ability to veto the bill and the Senate can decide to agree or override the veto with a two-thirds vote,” said Rault.

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