Streetside Market Shines Bright

Downtown Hammond has welcomed the newest, brightest restaurant in the heart of the city. Not only is it a restaurant but it is an international affair filled with culture, cuisine, and variety. The historic Ford building now holds an open market that is focused on offering an innovative dining experience for all of its guest. The cultural dining experience is not like any other restaurant in town because of the unique options on the menu. 

The team of four owners, all from different cultural backgrounds, wanted to bring a new restaurant to Hammond that was a one stop shop with various options of food. There are several international options from one side of the globe to the next, just under one roof.

Since the day the doors opened on Hot August Nights, Streetside Market has been filled with people gathering from all over the community. It has been a wonderful spot for interactivity to take place, especially with the perfect location of the market in the middle of Downtown Hammond. The environment is upbeat, lively, and bright. The walls are filled with beautiful paintings and murals that reflect on the jazz of the city and the ceilings are filled with beautiful Asian decor that differs from all the rest. One of the staff members at Streetside, Justin Alford states, “Streetside is different from anything else that Hammond has to offer, it’s unique.” 

Street side market is an international affair that offers several cuisines such as Asian, Mexian, Italian, American, and even a New Orleans classic, Morning Call. By visiting the market, many can feel as if they are going on a pallet exploration around the world because of how much the one restaurant has to offer.

On Community Tool, it states, “ Good places for interaction are spaces that make people from different areas and backgrounds want to be there. In order for that to be the case, these spaces need four basic characteristics…” These are things that the owners were dedicated to providing for the community of Hammond. The important characters that are needed is there must be a reason for people to go there, and with the 75 years of restaurant experience that the owners have, people are exited to see their new collaboration. There also has to be a reason for people to stay once they have arrived, and with the delicious variety of cuisine and bright environment, it is a place that guest never want to leave. People must feel comfortable there, the atmosphere is nothing but warm and inviting. Last but not least, the space has to be welcoming and accessible to everyone. With the starry lights and beautiful decor, guest feel like they are on an international adventure with the comfort of being close to home. 

According to Restaurant Economy Statistics, from 0 Restaurant Industry Statistics for Restaurant Owners in 2019 by Allie Tetreault and AJ Beltis, 45% of diners go out to eat multiple times a week, with another 20% going out to eat once a week. Authors also state, ‘When it comes to social media, restaurants are most likely to use Facebook (91% of restaurants) and Instagram (78%). Instagram has skyrocketed in popularity for restaurant promotion since last year, when only 24% reported using it.” Street side market has been advertising their various cuisine options on Facebook and Instagram to excite locals about what they have to offer. Follow them at @streetsidemarket to see the plethora of unique options. 

The city of Hammond is excited to welcome this collaborative new effort for people to come and relax and enjoy the cuisine from all around the map. Have a popping, new, lively, and upbeat restaurant will provide opportunities for people to gather from around the community and enjoy an international experience like never before. Having the open market relaxed atmosphere will advance interactivity with in the city of Hammond. Stop by and enjoy the international affair, today! 


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