Stratford is transformed by the wealth of the Olympic Village

London, England- The town the Olympics are being held in this year have generally been thought of as the slums of London by many local people.  A local London tour guide shared that 86 percent  of the school children in the area received free meals at school. This is a good indicator of the wealth of the area and shows that Stratford was struggling for financial stability before the Olympics came to town.

Conditions are still far from perfect as evidenced by the run down buildings that remain in Stratford, but the town is certainly on the right path to recovery.  Hopefully the revenue from the Olympics will result in its thriving.

There is a new shopping mall and many new jobs have been brought to the area. Some projects that are meant to renew the area and deal with the Olympics are the cleaning of nearly 2 million tons of contaminated soil, one of Britain’s biggest planting projects, the upgrading of rail links that allow passengers to be transported in seven minutes between London’s King Cross to Stratford and the construction of more than 2,800 homes.

There are over 10,500 athletes coming to the Olympics this year. There are about 17,500 rooms that range from 1-5 rooms. Additionally each athlete will have about 52.5 square feet of floor space. Athletes will also have access to a health spa, cinema and games room in the village. The village is truly unique with each of the 11 block of flats being designed by a different architect.

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