Staying Connected with social media

Staying Connected With Social Media

     Social media has changed the way we communicate. Information has never traveled faster. Years ago we looked to newspapers, magazines, and the television for news and updates.  Now we are constantly flocking to the internet to update our facebook statuses, send out tweets, and check our email to see what everyone in our family is doing. What we are really doing is making ourselves more virtually accessible through these social networking sites.
     With the rate that technology is increasing, it seems more and more college campuses are trying to adapt to keep up. It’s been two weeks since Facebook users took to blogs and message boards to voice their like or dislike about “Places”, a location based service that allows people to check in to gathering spots via the social network. “Personally I like the app,” says Marissa Richard, currently a senior at Southeastern. “It lets me see where all my friends are, that way when we are all on a break we can meet up on campus and chose the closest spot.” Christie Howell, another student that lives in Hammond says, “It’s also a good way to get to know your city. I’m not too familiar with Hammond, so it’s neat to see the places that people check in at…I like to see what places are good to eat at.”
     Lately with the craze that Apple has created with iPhones and iPads, many campuses are looking to purchase these things to use for their classrooms. With the way technology is evolving, it changes how to teach things especially in certain curriculums. “This semester I’m taking Communication 400 which is convergent media….its teaching how to do a lot on the web since that seems to be the main source of communication these days. There is an app or a blog or a website for everything now…you have to be up to date and know how to use everything,” says Krista Fielding.
     “I don’t know what I would do without my iphone…especially on campus,” says Megan Giraldo, a senior at Southeastern. “I can check my email, send out emails, check blackboard for assignments, and even get school updates sent to my phone. It’s definitely a life saver especially if you don’t have time to go to the library and wait in those long lines.”
     Although it seems our social media outlets are becoming more and more complicated we can’t forget that like many other social media places, facebook was indeed created for college campuses as a way for students to connect with others around them.

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