Starbucks gives Southeastern students energy to succeed

The Starbucks on campus is the one-stop coffee shop. Since opening in March 2009, the popular coffee brand has grown in popularity. Students and faculty alike are enduring long lines to get a taste of their  hot and cold coffee drinks, teas, juices and pastries.

Foot traffic lapsed during the beginning of the student union reconstruction in 2012, but it quickly picked back up. Now, store manager Christina Howard says they are busier than ever. “The busyness was my goal. We have done a lot more marketing, like promotions during Move-In-Mania, handing out samples and more social media things, that have really improved business,” said Howard.

Peak hours at Starbucks are between 8 a.m. and 1 p.m., with the largest crowd showing up within the first two hours.

The elongated wait time doesn’t seem to be a problem for most customers. Abbie Horst, a junior nursing major, says, “I don’t mind waiting. The coffee is worth the wait and plus the service is pretty fast.”

For barista and art major Chelsey Moore, working at Starbucks provide something more satisfying than coffee and warm muffins. “To me, Starbucks means a home away from home,” Moore said. “I get to work with awesome friends, meet new people constantly and let go of some creative energy because making drinks is an art. I couldn’t have asked for a better job.”

The only other coffee shop on campus is the Java City Café located in the library, for students who like a quieter environment.

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