Star Wars Identities Exhibition

A brisk wind hits the group as they step from the tube station.  She tries to gather her wits before entering the daunting O2 Arena that lay ahead in London. She loves Star Wars, and considering at the O2 Arena a Star Wars exhibit is currently being held for any and all types of fans to bask in; she knew it would be near impossible. She only recently found herself becoming a fan of the franchise, sitting down with her father one Saturday, they did not find themselves moving until all the movies were watched and she has been hooked ever since.

The Star Wars identities exhibit located at the O2 Arena in London, England, includes a collection of 200 original props and costumes from the iconic George Lucas franchise. The exhibit highlights all the aspects of Star Wars that fans have come to love and adore, and the exhibit even includes stations to find out in the end if fans would choose the dark side if it came down to it.

The Star Wars exhibit was beyond anything she has ever experienced. The exhibit was interactive, informative and a fresh take on an old story. It starts by fans being given a bracelet to wear and an earpiece to be able to listen to all the interactive videos at their own pace and at their own time. This exhibit was set up in that viewers can easily fly through it or meticulously read or listen to each and every word that was laid easily before you. The props, costumes and even old sketches of the said props and costumes are so beautifully presented at the exhibit it just about had people weeping at the mere fact that this universe, loved by many, is right here at their fingertips. This exhibit is, obviously, carefully created and every detail seems as if triple checked among experts to put together an experience worthy of the Star Wars franchise.

Besides being able to see the artifacts and costumes from the movies, there are also stations that allow fans to learn more about and better understand the many characters they have come to love from the Star Wars franchise. The way the exhibit is set up easily transitions into every movie smoothly and effortlessly while also keeping up with the interactive aspect. An added bonus of this exhibit is the fact that it also includes the opportunity to get a closer look at details and see how some of them looked before the final production, like for example and especially Jabba the Hutt who was all but a different type of villain before they finally put him on the big screen.

The best aspect of this exhibit, by far, is the bracelet. The bracelet, given at the beginning of the exhibit, allows everyone to create their own Star Wars character. Even if someone is not a huge Star Wars fan but their friend or family member is begging them to tag along, the immersive creation of their very own Star Wars character should have them coming along very willingly. The first station allows fans to pick the type of creature they believe they would be in the world of Star Wars –human, ewok or otherwise. The nine stations thereafter forge together not only their personality traits and their own beliefs and morals but also their home life and how they grew up to create their very own character.

At the end, be sure to choose whether the character would choose the light or dark side and put in an email to receive the character and their life story, including where they grew up and what they would do with a rebellion in the horizon on their home planet. As has been said plenty of times it was an incredible experience. The creation is easily something anyone can take home with them and treasure for a lifetime.

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