Stalked by My Student By: LaTonya Simon

Brandon Williams, a 36-year-old professor from Louisiana, was stalked by one of his former students.

“As a man, people don’t take you seriously when you tell them you are being stalked. They joke and laugh but stalking is real and it’s scary,” said Williams.

According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, “thirty-seven percent of stalking victims are males”.

It started with text messages shortly after the semester ended.

“I remember, she started texting my phone a couple weeks before Christmas. Since the semester had ended, I would never respond to her.”

“Throughout the course of several weeks, she would send good morning text, what you doing, and various pictures and memes. I had to let the administration at that university know what was going on before things got out of hand.”

The continuous text and prank phone calls would go on all day and night. Brandon never responded. Williams said, “She would leave up to 25 text messages a day, calling from random numbers once he blocked her number,” Williams said.

The American Journal of Psychiatry

According to the National Stalking Resource Center, “1 in every 17 men experience stalking at some point in their lifetime.”

In October of 2018, Williams went to a local sports bar to celebrate a friend’s birthday. One of the attendees was the woman who had been stalking him. He confronted her and asked her to stop harassing him or he would contact the police. 

Williams said, “She smiled, and politely responded, “okay” and walked off, she must have left because I didn’t see her anymore that night.”

Williams said, “I had just left my office and notice her walking towards me in the parking lot, she tried to strike up a conversation with me about the party we attended, but I kept walking.” 

The woman followed Williams screaming and cursing at him for rejecting her advances, “She caused a big scene, it was uncomfortable and I was nervous that she would get physical with me,” said Williams.

“I was fed up. I realized at that moment she was unstable,” said Williams. 

After compiling all of the information he could on the woman, Williams reported the incidents to the police.  

Williams said, “One of the officers called the woman and she hung up the phone once he began to explain the nature of his call.” The officer attempted to reach her again but there was no answer.

After Williams contacted the police the woman stopped harassing him and he has not heard from the woman since.

“I should have gone to the police earlier, “Williams said. “I hope the young woman gets some help and  I’m glad she finally left me alone.” 

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