St. Helena lil league Hawks upsets Kentwood lil league Bulldogs, 27-10

Saturday October 24, the St. Helena Hawks went on to win their 7th straight victory this season. The football’s team current winning spree is coming as a shock to many supporters of the Biddy Ball League. “This team has never been this successful”, says head coach Darren Robinson. Robinson, who has been coaching the 11-12-year old team, for over 10 years, appears delighted of the recent accomplishments of his players. “Hard work sure pays off, I am amazed at how well they are doing this year”, says Robinson.

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St. Helena Hawks and coaches pose for a victory photo.

Last year the little league team ended the season with a disappointing ranking of (4-12). The Hawks have returned this season, with an impressive stat of (7-0). Byron Hurst, who is head of the St. Helena Division of Little League Players, says, “The Hawks have now positioned themselves to compete at the Statewide Biddy Ball Football Playoffs in Lafayette, Louisiana, this December.

Coach Robinson speaks on the achievements of his entire team but, he often mentions how the success of the team is largely do to the additions, of 6th, and 7th graders, Jency Riley and Corey Burton. “These two young men have committed themselves to the team by implementing great leadership skills, and unbelievable courage as the team’s captain and co-captain”, says Robinson. Burton is averaging 28 points, a game, and Riley averages, 34,. http://st.helenalittleleaguefootball

Charles Topps, who is currently the 9-10-year-old Biddy Ball head coach,says, “The entire community is excited about the team’s success, I can definitely see a change in the confidence of our players, as well as the parents, it’s a really good feeling”.

The Little league team defeat over their rivals came as a surprise to many of the biddy ball spectators on Saturday. “The Hawks haven’t defeated us in over eight years”, says Robert Tillery, head coach of the 11-12-year-old Kentwood Bulldogs, “they certainly have a great team this year”.

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A few members of the St. Helena Hawks enjoying their victory.


Robinson, who appears to be beaming with joy, speaks fondly of his team accomplishment. As he stands at the concession stand, smiling, while paying for pizza slices for his entire team, he says, “I must admit, the team this year has proven to be a real success, the turnaround has been nice, I am very proud of them”. Assistant Coach Brandon Jackson adds, “My boys have stepped their game up, we have one of the best little league teams in the state, and we are going to go all the way this year”.

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