Southeastern’s University Health Center Offers a Week of Free STD Screening Each Semester

The Univerity Health Center offers a week of free STD screening each semester, where all sexually active students are encouraged to get screened. For the fall semester, it is usually two weeks after homecoming. There are usually 75- 100 students that take advantage of this free campus event. Peevy says she would like the number to be much higher. Even if you trust your partner Peevy advises that “If you are having unprotected sex you should get tested every year”.  

With their newfound freedom and being away from their parents watchful eyes, college students are bound to test the limits by enjoying all that college life has to offer. From the tailgating to the after-parties and all the bars in between, too often what’s offered at school are sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

The Center for Disease Control estimates that even though the age group 15 to 25 make up only one-quarter of the sexually active population, the age group accounts for more than half of the 20 million new STDs each year. According to an article titled “STD Prevention And Testing For College Students” by the HuffPost , being that this age group makes up the majority of campuses, most colleges and universities offer STD screening for students at an affordable rate- as well as treatment. Testing for STDs is as little as $10 at Southeastern’s University Health Center, pricing for other treatments and testing can be found on the university’s website. Though the University Health Center does not fill prescriptions, Adult Nurse Practitioner and Director of the Health Center Andrea Peevy, ANP-BC  writes prescriptions that can be filled at the nearest drugstore. Peevy says that behind respiratory issues, like allergies, sore throat, ear infections, etc.., STD screening is the second most common reason students visit the health center. Of all reportable diseases, Clymidia is the most common on Southeastern’s campus Peevy reports. 

Appointments in the University Health Center are at an all-time high for STD screening during the first three weeks of the fall semester comments Peevy. She believes that this may be attributed to some students waiting all summer break until school starts to get tested. This may also be due to the fact that parties are frequent during the fall semester with both Football season and Greek life recruiting, as well as Freshman getting acclimated to college life.  

The test is simple, only requiring a urine sample, so your results can be back in as little as 15 minutes. A previous patient of the Univerity Health Center shared her experience with STD screening on campus saying, “I was a sophomore when my boyfriend from high school broke up with me, I didn’t find out that he was sleeping around until after. I was so scared I had something, but I was too scared to ask my mom for help so I went to the Health Center. Luckily I didn’t get anything! They didn’t even draw blood, and it wasn’t as awkward as I thought it would be.” She used resources available on campus in order to protect her physical and sexual health, as is suggested for all sexually active people.

The University Health Center is located in room 303A of the Student Union Annex 303A, this is on the backside facing the friendship circle.

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