Southeastern’s Study Abroad Programs

A huge benefit of studying abroad is building a network and connecting with other people that can help advance one’s future career. Through study abroad students can gain the skills; like, cross cultural communication and language capabilities, necessary to succeed globally in their future career. Study abroad can help a student overcome their own fears and also step out of their comfort zone.

According to Hannah Simeon, an English major at Southeastern who participated in the communication and theatre study abroad program in London, England said, “my favorite part of traveling abroad was the opportunity to be totally immersed in another culture and country. It is important for students to experience other cultures because it makes them more aware, accepting, and appreciative of differences within cultures.” Study abroad teaches students to appreciate diversity and forces them to recognize their own stereotypes that have developed in their life about people they have never met.

Southeastern Louisiana University offers an vast array of different study abroad trips, through the Office of International Initiatives. The Office of International Initiatives program options include: Biology in Costa Rica, Ecuador and France, Business in France, Spain, and Ecuador, Communication and Family and Consumer Sciences in Italy, Criminal Justice in The United Kingdom, Sociology in Cuba, Health and Wellness in Greece, History and Political Science in Rome, Philosophy and History in Scotland and Ireland, and Language and Culture in Spain and France.

Through Southeastern’s study abroad program students should take advantage of an opportunity to travel outside the country because they are also being able to earn credits towards their degree. The prices of the study abroad programs all depend on which trip a student decides to participate in but for the most part the overall price ranges from $2,000 to $4,000. Although the price of a trip can seem steep for some students there is always the option of applying for one of the many scholarships the office of International Initiatives have to offer to students. Each program includes room and board in the total price but not all of them include plane tickets and all of the meals. The study abroad trips can range from anywhere between a week long to nearly a month in another country. All a student would need to do to get more specific information on the study abroad program they are interested in is by visiting the office of International Initiatives website through Southeastern.

To have the opportunity to travel outside of the country is one that should never be passed up on. When asked why study abroad was important for students to partake in Austin Rogers, a business major who participated in the business study abroad program in Panama, felt that it is so important for people to see other cultures outside of what they are used to in Louisiana and The United States in general. The study abroad program in Panama has truly prepared him for the real world and his future career in which he hopes to experience many different cultures once again. If a student has the choose to study abroad the results of one’s future is brighter and more successful. Students are prepared for facing new cultures and different people when having been able to travel outside of what they are used to in their everyday life.

Study abroad is an incredible opportunity to discover different cultures, diversity and more about yourself as a person that you would have never been able to truly discover in your hometown alone. According to Erin Reed, an English major at Southeastern who participated in the communication and theatre study abroad program in London, England said,  “my favorite part of being able to study abroad in London was getting the opportunity to meet new people and eat different food. I believe it is important for students to study abroad because it expands their worldview.” The experience of being able to study abroad is like no other for college students to participate in and can truly change their outlook on life for the better and for their future.

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