Southeastern’s PRSSA gears up for their mock press conference


Group members huddle together to brainstorm

On Wednesday Oct. 19, Southeastern’s Public Relation Society of America organization, also known as PRSSA, put their skills to the test with a mini mock press conference before the actually conference with Southeastern’s Press Club on Nov. 9. The organization members split into two groups and will discuss what will be the best way to solve the crisis that was handed to them.

Two people from each group will act as the PR practitioner for the organization that will be given to them. They explained what they would do in the crisis and how to make it better.


two members state their crisis

Meredith Keating, the president of the organization, explained why practicing for mock press conferences are important.

“Practicing these press conferences will help us when we get out into the workforce.” She said. “We will have the skills to talk in front of a crowd and know exactly how to fix a situation. After all, practice makes perfect.”

PRSSA meets every Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. in Dvic 285.


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