Southeastern’s fee process

Tyler Rogers, Director of Financial Affairs, explained the fee process at Southeastern. Rogers said, “The process starts with the Budget Oversight Committee recommending a fee increase.” After that, the fee must be approved by the appropriations committee, SGA senate, SGA vice president, SGA president, SGA coordinator, vice president of student affairs, president of the university, and the Board of Regents. After the fee is approved by the various committees, the student body votes on the fee during a major election. Rogers said these elections are the “fall homecoming court vote and spring SGA election.”
The process of determining who gets what and how much is far less transparent. Rogers said, “The amount of the fee and an increase or decrease in the fee is decided based on whether or not the appropriate funds are being allocated to operate.”
The school budget is reviewed annually to determine whether or not the fees given are being spent appropriately. Rogers said, “The Budget Oversight Committee will recommend changes, and the fee process will begin.”

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