Southeastern’s American Welding Society Prepares for Success

The members of the Southeastern chapter of the American Welding
Society have been very busy lately raising money and preparing for the
annual FABTECH International Conference. It will be held at the
Georgia World Congress Center in Atlant during the first week
of November. The conference will feature many presentations that will
include a showcase of the newest welding tools and technology created.

“I am really looking forward to seeing the new technology in welding,
including the friction fusion process and any other development that
might be available,” explained Sean Carter, sophomore Industrial
Technology student.

The friction fusion process is just one of many weldinging techniques that will be discussed at the conference.  A main part of the conference is to educate others.  Over 2,000 exhibiters will be present to educate, advise, and speak to all students and guest about career options and benefits.

“I’m excited to speak to industrial experts in the friction stir
welding field,” said senior Industrial Technology student Seth
Badeaux. “I have been working on FSW research for the past year and a
half. Speaking to an expert in the field would really be beneficial to
continuing my research.

The conference will give AWS the opportunity to higher their
education,increase productivity, exchange ideas with other chapters
and grow as an organization. The conference will also bring new
networking ideas to AWS that will bring better communication within
the society on a professional level.

In order to pay for each member of AWS, fundraisers suggested brought financial ideas to the group and raised the money needed to cover the trip.
One of the big fundraisers the members completed was building a new fence for the patio area of La Carreta in Hammond.

“Building the fence was a fundraiser I really wanted to do,” said
Brandon Luteman, AWS Presdient. “We actually got to work for the money
we needed. Every year, the chapter usually just asks for money, but
actually earning our trip will make it so much better.”

AWS meets once a month and asks for $15 in dues each year. The
organization is open to everyone, and members are eager to share new
information with others. For more information on how to become a
member, contact Brandon Luteman at

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