Southeastern’s 92nd Birthday Celebration

On Thursday, September 14, 2017, Southeastern Louisiana University’s Campus Activities Board invited all students to Southeastern’s 92nd Birthday event. The event took place at 10 am in the Student Union breezeway.

The Coordinator of Campus Activities Board, Nick Elliot, said, “We began planning this event in early April but it went in full swing in June. Over the summer we sat down to plan every event possible but we are more than just the fun event but rather an education event. The purpose of our event was for students to have recognition for Southeastern, especially since we have come such a long way since 1925.”

In 1925, the university first opened as the Hammond Junior College for undergraduate degrees in arts and sciences for education. The school first began with 3 female and 2 male faculty members and an estimated 40 students. With the help of the State Board of Education, in 1928 the school officially became Southeastern Louisiana College. Years later, in 1970 the school met the official requirements and became a full university.

Over the years students received more opportunities to earn new degrees and added buildings and land to the school. In 1997, the University had over 15,000 students registered. The school continues to have that estimated amount still.

Senior management major, Haley Washington said, “I love how Southeastern does little events like this. It’s creative and they make a point to reach out to us to help us recognize our history. I know I celebrate my birthday every year, it’s only right that we do it for Southeastern too!

The event hosted a free photo booth, hundreds of cupcakes, and a sheet cake provided from the university’s President, John Crain. The student publication office also joined in on the fun and passed out free yearbooks to surrounding students. Campus Activities Board also asked the newly revealed Roomie the Lion to join in on the birthday celebration.

“Last year we celebrated our 91st birthday so it was only right to celebrate the next one,” said Elliot. “The only other birthday we, as a campus, have celebrated were the 25th, 50th, and 75th birthday.”

In past birthday celebrations, the campus has given out free cupcakes, goodie bags, and other campus organizations would bring smaller items to join in on the fun. They wanted to keep tradition but also bring something new to the event every year to keep it entertaining.

Campus Activities Board also provided a “92 things I want to do before I graduate” wall. Students of all ages were invited to write down bucket list items such as: go on a date in friendship circle “Southeastern Style”, take a selfie with Roomie the Lion, go on study abroad, and many others. This board allowed newer students to have suggestions of what to do before they graduate.

Later that evening, junior education major, Dominic Giavotella said “It’s important for people to have that perspective of where we are at and where we come from. This event was the perfect reminder. It shows more that we are not just an institution where we get papers with ribbons on them for completing some course but that southeastern takes the time to care about its students and itself.”

Students interacting with the 92nd birthday celebration were also receiving free items and could have been pictured on the Campus Activities Board website along with the Lion’s Roar. They could also take home an actual picture from the decorative photo booth that the event offered.

After hearing responses from the students Elliot said, “We may be an old school but we are definitely young at heart. We will make a point to keep up with the current lifestyle but to keep students engaged with who we are and where we came from.”

Campus Activities Board provides events for students to reach out through entertainment or educational purposes. They host many events such as Traditions Week, Comedians, Gumbo Ya Ya, Miss Southeastern, Strawberry Jubilee, and many more. They were originally created in 1947 by the Student Government Association and hosted many entertainment associated events. In the 70s, they officially took on the name Campus Activities Board. Events like these promote student involvement and affect the involvement of the community surrounding the campus. Campus Activities Board sets a goal to meet the needs of students but to do whatever is possible within their power to create events that will be remembered for those generations to come as well as those who have already graduated.

On the Campus Activities Board website, they wrote, “Today? You are today, and it is still your job to find out what student want and provide activities to meet those interests. That has not changed over the years. You still have the responsibility to provide programs which help people grow developmentally. This is a much more difficult job than hiring a comedian, but one which is much more important. You hold in your hands the power not only to entertain students for one night, but to also provide lessons and experiences which will be with them for the rest of their lives.”

Southeastern strives to help students in any possible way and they support the Campus Activities Board to further those interests from students.

“I look forward to everything that Campus Activities Board does for us. They do everything they can to make us as students feel welcomed,” said Washington. “It’s amazing to think that we soon have our 100th year anniversary of the school. I hope they will continue this anniversary countdown and make it like yearly celebration until the 100th year.”

For students attending school now, they will remember the small events like this and will look back to remember how the school has changed over the years.

Students who wish to work more in hand with on campus activities can involved or for more information regarding the event and more to come, go to Campus Activities Board’s website at



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