Southeastern theatre Fall auditions


Due to the Tropical Storm Isaac, Southeastern fall auditions for “Murderous Innocent” and “The Bacchae” were postponed to Sept. 4 at 4 p.m. in the Vonnie Borden Theatre.

There were almost 60 students coming to The Vonnie Borden Theatre to participate in the fall auditions. Some students participated in both auditions of “Murderous Innocent” and “The Bacchae”.

Murderous Innocent

James Winter, theatre assistant professor of acting and directing, is the director of “Murderous Innocent”. He also introduced the basic information about the play, “This play was written by a former student of mine named Tommy Jamerson. He is a professional playwright in New York City. This is a very different type of play for him and I think it is very powerful. It makes people think and will hopefully spark discussion.”

Waiting and preparing for the second audition outside of the Vonnie Borden Theatre.

Winter wanted to choose three actors including the 30 to 40 years-old father, the 30 years old successful lawyer wife, and the 17 year-old daughter. “Every audition is different. Basically, I’m looking the actors’ “best two minutes” when they do their monologues. Those who do well will be called back for a second, smaller audition where they will be asked to read from the script and do some stylized movement work. So, I also need three actors who can move.” Winter said.

Tyeisha Smith, a freshman majoring in English creative writing, participated in this audition. She said, “I like theatre because it helps me to express myself and find other people to show about my past, it just really expresses myself and lets things out, and I am also fascinated with it.”

Paige, also a freshman, but majoring in communication, said that she is very fascinated with theatre as well. She loves been on stages entertaining people. She also said that she could understand Shakespeare and old language better.

Choreography in second audition.

After the first round of auditions, Winter selected 12 students including four males and eight females to callback for a second audition. During the callback, the twelve students were required to learn and perform a short ballroom dancing in the second audition to test them for the “stylized movement” and some dancing that will be in the play.

Winter indicated that the callbacks allow the director to take a closer look at a smaller number of actors before deciding a cast.  “Our callbacks this time helped me to see how well people moved and what type of chemistry they had with one another.” Winter said.

Finally, Jarred Marlatt, Jaimee Barbee and Lynsey Manley are the three actors been selected for the play. “Honestly, the three were the best for those roles.” Winter said.

On average, after this audition, Winter will conduct about four weeks of rehearsals for these three actors. There are about 15 hours of rehearsals each week.

The Bacchae

“The Bacchae” were happening at the same time. Cody Stockstill, instructor of costume design and make-up technology, is the director of this play. He intended to choose 11 actors at this audition.

Emily Nodine, a freshman in English education major who also joined in a theatre club, has successfully passed the first audition for “The Bacchae”. She was really excited about it. She expressed that it was a good way to know more people. She said, “Theatre gives you chance to show yourself through other people. So, not only do you get better sense of who you are, you also get sense of other people, and can understand them better.”

At last, Stockstill chose 21 students from the first round of the audition to callback. So, there is an additional dance audition for The Bacchae and it has been postponed until next Monday, Sept. 10, at 4 p.m., also in The Vonnie Borden Theatre.

“Murderous Innocent” will be performed on Oct. 9-10, and “The Bacchae” will be performed on Nov.13-16.


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