Southeastern Students Offer Suggestions on How to Increase Athletic Event Attendance

The Lion For Life wall in the Dugas Center for Southeastern Athletics features successful former athletes that began at Southeastern. Alumnus and alumnae include Wade Miley, Robin Roberts and Robert Alford among others.

Students are in college to earn a degree and that is always the main goal, but without extracurricular activities and events, college campuses would be pretty bland. At Southeastern Louisiana University there is a variety of athletic teams that work tirelessly to represent their school to the best of their ability. Fellow students are encouraged to attend and support but it becomes difficult when there is a lack of advertising and advanced notice.

According to a Southeastern U Reporter survey, 42.9% of those surveyed rely on Instagram for notifications regarding athletic information while 37.1% rely on Facebook and on and off campus advertisements.

One survey participant suggested promoting the smaller sports more often. They said, “Baseball and football and basketball are your typical American sports that are always promoted. Several instagram pages encourage people to go to the games with a variety of free items and even family nights. I think just taking into consideration that not everyone likes football or baseball and basketball could greatly help the attendance at the games. I did not know we had a golf team until I took this survey”. Free food or t-shirts were the most suggested incentive to attend more athletic events.

Plaque outside The Dugas Center for Southeastern Athletics

Caleb Kerstens, a Junior Political Science major, is President of The Pride of Southeastern, a new campus organization whose main objective is to keep Southeastern students informed on dates and times of all athletic games.

“We want to create a platform so that all students are as informed as possible about upcoming games,” said Kerstens. “It creates a stronger sense of pride and community amongst the students.” 

The Southeastern track and field was renovated in 2011.

Maddy Kelly, Senior Middle School Special Education Major said  “I recently downloaded the Southeastern athletics app and it sends you updates of all the games so maybe if during orientation they could persuaded the students to download it by offer free stuff or something like that.”

Jake Williams, Senior Nursing Student said, “It’s hard to fit in going to games especially with such a busy schedule but better advertising by giving out a tentative sport schedule for the semester or email notifications of upcoming games would be helpful to fitting games in my schedule.”

Jenny Terry, Junior Nursing Student said, “Athletics is something that unites us together as a university. Good attendance at games encourages the athletes to play their best which in turn leads to better performance and game out come which leads to more students wanting to come to the games.”



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