Southeastern students prepare for finals week

As the students of Southeastern work tirelesdessly all semester in their cla
sses, it finally comes, the week all students take as the bitter sweet moment.  The moment students seem to dread because of the pressure and seriousness of passing finals entails. For graduating General Studies student Sara Phillips, she had her mind on finals from the beginning of the semester,

I am a graduating senior a Southeastern and for incoming freshman’s who are not aware on how hectic finals week can be. I was in high anticipation, said Philiips, I knew the sooner I get over finals week the closer I would be to graduating. If working hard until the late hours in the morning while drinking tons of energy drinks is what I have to do to get over this hurdle than I will do it.

Professors and Southeastern alumni collectively support students during this time, knowing the amount of pressure that students are up against while they prepare for finals. Communication student Britney Lee commented on how the free pizza and the comfort of puppies for therapy, which were donated by students for students during this time so they could feel more at ease really helped a lot.

The puppies really cheered me up said Lee, for me these times feel like a life or death moment. I don’t know if us as students take final week to seriously or what but one thing is for sure every time this time comes around my heart just pumps so fast it’s like an adrenal rush. I just want to get it over with, a huge steeping stone and stress reliever once it’s over.

Graduate student Brendon Hall recalls his days during finals week and how hectic it was for him.

For me, I am grateful I graduate, I think it’s all about preparation study ahead, instead of going out to parties and to the movies or doing other leisure activity, make sure your studies are foremost in front of everything, that way when finals week comes you would be a little ahead and you would not be cramming to take in all this information all at once, trust me it will pay off, said Hall.

The Sims Memorial Library was open until 1:00 am with students studying until they could not keep their eyes open, hopeful to passing all of their exams and obtaining their degrees.  Overall, students have made the effort to find solace in taking a breather before talking their finals. One can only hope the finish result ter working so hard to achieve it.

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