Southeastern students participate in master class at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre

London, England- It is not every day that a group of college students from the United States can take a master class for acting at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in London. The students of Southeastern Louisiana University in Hammond, Louisiana received that chance yesterday when they visited the Globe Theatre to see a production of Henry VIII.
Their trip started off with a short tour of the Globe Theatre located in the city of London along the river. After the tour, the students were taken to a rehearsal space below the theater where they met with an instructor with an impressive resume in theatre that includes a role as Lysander in A Midsummer Night’s Dream with the Royal Shakespeare Company in Stratford Upon Avon. “I didn’t know we were going to get someone as talented as that guy,” says James Winter, assistant professor of theater at Southeastern who scheduled the class. “He’s played major roles in plays.”
The class included students from different levels of acting experience. There were students who had a lot of experience and students who have had no experience at all.
“I never really imagined myself acting so I was kind of scared to take the master class,” says communication student Jessica LeBlanc. “It really turned out that I had a fun time and it really wasn’t intimidating once I got into it.”
Even students in the master class with a considerable amount of theatre experience were able to take away something from the class. Drew Zeringue, a study abroad student studying theater and history was able to further some his skills as an actor. “It actually helped me read iambic pentameter,” says Zeringue. He also adds, “It made me understand Shakespeare a bit better.” Another way that he feels the class was helpful is the fact that taking the class will look good on his resume.
The students participated in some theatre warm-ups and exercises that stressed the importance of listening, achieving objectives and understanding the rhythm of Shakespeare’s iambic pentameter. Winter was impressed with the class. “It was different than I expected,” he said. “I thought he did a really good job of making kind of a beginning level thing but there was information in there for those people who were experienced performers and have studied Shakespeare.”
After the class, Winter and the students attended a production of Henry VIII at the Globe theatre where they stood in the yard to watch the play.

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