Southeastern Students for Life

Hammond – The Southeastern Students for Life, a little known organization that carries a positive message for all students of the university, seeks students to join it in its mission of preserving the inalienable right to life inherent to all human beings. The group strives to raise awareness and educate the community on all matters that threaten and pertain to this fundamental right.

Presently, Southeastern Students for Life, which is also known as Lions for Life, consists of only eighteen members. The members are self-described defenders of life on the Southeastern campus. Through truth and love, members seek to be “witnesses of the human race” on campus.

The Southeastern Students for Life has been together for over five years.  Current president of Southeastern Students for Life, Stuart LeFleur, explains that one of the organization’s top priorities is “[r]aising life within the university and letting the women know that they are cared for is one of our top priorities.” He identified an important goal to Southeastern Students for Life is to provide information about local area pregnancy restoration houses, which are non-profit organizations dedicated to helping women with unplanned pregnancy.

The organization is quite active.  It recently participated in the recent Pro-Life kickoff in September. Southeastern Students for Life regularly schedules on-campus guest speakers that discuss topics which are important to the group’s goals.

Along with other Louisiana Students for Life organizations, Southeastern Students for Life members are presently in the planning stages of a march for life in Washington D.C. All students interested in joining members in the march for life can find information at the organization’s Facebook page.

Any student interested in joining Southeastern Students for Life may attend meetings in Fayard Hall, room 204, every Wednesday at 6 pm.  Questions and information about the group can be provided by the Southeastern Students for Life president at

General information about the organization is also available at the Department of Languages and Communication Advising and Research Office, SLU 10719, Hammond, LA 70402; telephone: (985) 549-5060; and email address:

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