Southeastern Students Enjoy Fall Break

Hammond, La- Some Southeastern students take the annual Fall Break to relax their brains after a stressful start to the semester, and others take the two-day vacation to have fun.

Travis Thompson, a junior industrial engineering major at Southeastern, is excited to take this Fall Break to spend time with his girlfriend and well as his daughter. He will be taking her to the new Children’s Museum in City Park in downtown New Orleans, and also go to this weekend’s LSU game against Utah State in Baton Rouge.

Travis Thompson

Thompson said, “This is my first time going to an LSU game as an adult, and I am ready to see LSU win this weekend.” Thompson also stated that he was glad to be spending time with his daughter this weekend, as he doesn’t get much quality time during the school week with her.

Thompson also plans to go to Gulfport this weekend to celebrate a friendly get together with some of his old friends from high school.

Thompson said, “These are friends that I have not seen since my high school graduation, and I cannot wait to enjoy their company.”

While Thompson is enjoying this weekend going to a college football game, there is one student who is taking a more relaxed route.

Emma Brock, a senior history major is planning on going to take in some of the new art exhibits at the New Orleans Museum of Modern Art.

Emma Brock

Brock said, “I am really excited to see the Lamentations exhibit by Tina Freeman.’ According to Brock, she is hoping to see just how well Freeman captured the beauty of the Louisiana wetlands as well as the frozen landscapes of the Arctic and the Antarctic.

Brock will also be enjoying an evening with her boyfriend at the Chimes restaurant in downtown Covington.

And for another Southeastern student, Fall Break is providing her time for a well-needed vacation.

Hannah Johnson, a senior biology major, is planning on taking a short vacation with her boyfriend to Pensacola, Florida. Johnson plans to fish the local rivers while in Florida as well as enjoy the lovely beaches that the Florida Panhandle has to offer.

Hannah Johnson

Johnson said that she has not had much opportunity to fish since starting her senior year in August. Between working a part-time job at a grocery store and being a full-time student, she says that it is hard to find time for much else.

Johnson said, “I cannot wait to go to Florida. It has been a couple of months since my last trip and this short vacation is just what the doctor ordered.”

Like the rest, another Southeastern student is making the most of this weekend’s Fall Break by trying to fit in as much as he can into four short days.

Hardy Adams III, or as his friends call him, Terry, a senior business major, is planning on doing a good bit of interesting activities this weekend.

Hardy “Terry” Adams III

Adams is planning on attending a parish fair, two football games, and a wedding this weekend. He will start off by attending the first day of the St. Tammany Parish Fair on Friday, followed by attending the LSU game on Saturday as well as the New Orleans Saints game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the Superdome on Sunday. Adams will finish his weekend by attending a wedding of two of his high school friends on Sunday evening.

Adams said that he will be pretty busy this weekend, but is otherwise looking forward to everything that he has planned for this weekend.

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