Southeastern students don’t tapout

Hammond- Mixed martial arts or MMA has been growing in popularity for nearly two decades. The fan base of the sport is geared toward young collage age males.
So I would surprise no one that among Southeastern students the interest in the sport has led to a burgeoning community of MMA fighters on campus.
Recently several students participated in a local MMA tournament held in the Hammond area. Southeastern student and amateur fighter Mike Wronkowski said “The sport has been underground for about ten years now and has just started hitting the mainstream.”
The event featured about 400 participants in an array of events from traditional ground fighting to the more familiar cage matches.
Southeastern student Carl Henderson said, “Southeastern has a good group of guys for this kind of thing. A lot of young guys are getting into MMA and we’ve had several other students ask if we’re going to start an MMA club at Southeastern.”
Many of the competitors were from local gyms, but a few traveled from as far away as Oakland, CA to participate. California native Josh Frendzai said, “Its events like this that help the sport grow we traveled here with about ten guys crammed in a van and we weren’t disappointed.”
The event’s big draw and popularity with college has displayed a strong foothold for the sport to take root in this area. “ When things get a bit more organized with our group we’d like to ask the faculty to offer a school sponsored team”, said Henderson “but we’ll continue to petition the university for at least a club status.”
As the sport continues to grow in popularity with college students perhaps the university would be willing to sponsor a MMA team, but as of right now budget constraints would probable not allow for the school to support a team in the near future. Students may have to put the University president in an armbar for him to change his mind.

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