Southeastern Student Working for Lunatic Esports

While keeping up with studies in school, Southeastern student Anthony Cousins is also the Chief Operating Officer for the gaming company, Lunatic Esports.


[Hammond L.A.] –  Cousins’ position involves organizing all the everyday operations in the Lunatic organization.  He handles all kinds of things involving gaming and esports events. As nice as it all sounds to manage, Cousins did not start out as COO from the beginning.   

He originally started out as a social media intern who had a good understanding of social media and a drive to want to get involved with the organization.  His position had a simple task, get the word out about the company, the upcoming events, and to let the public know what Lunatic was doing and what they planned to tackle in the coming months.  It did not take long for higher-ups at the company to realize his dedication, and in less than a year, Cousins was given the title of Chief Operating Officer.

Cousins emphasizes that networking is key when it comes to getting involved with anything.  He emphasized that networking is key and that it is the key when going for any job. Cousins also elaborated on becoming a member of an esports team via streaming of video games on platforms such as Twitch and YouTube Gaming.  Cousins says that in order to increase your chances to become a paid partner for a team/company such as Lunatic, it is all a matter of “practice, practice, practice”. While there are many opportunities to get involved and even make money through streaming, all it takes is will to work and be consistent with content.  He also goes on to say to anyone with a dream, “you won’t be successful if you aren’t passionate about what you do”.

“It’s all about community,” Cousins says.  There are many people who watch and support the team in all types of games and Cousins says that it is great to see people cheer up the organization that you work for.  Currently, the company is in a small rebuilding state but plans to keep going strong in the esports industry.

Although Anthony has a high position in the Lunatic company, it doesn’t take away from his college-student personality.  When asked to describe Anthony, close friend Corey Johnson says that he is extremely reliable. “Anthony will never let you down” Johnson says.  Cousins’ girlfriend Lindsay Lightfoot also says that Anthony is a person who “will never let you down…Anthony goes above and beyond any task, he is given and always has it done”.  

Anthony plans to stay with Lunatic Esports even beyond his college career, and with a future degree in Business Administration just a few semesters away from his grasp, he plans on staying with the company and continuing their success by expanding their small zone of the wide world of gaming.

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