Southeastern Student Profile: Taylor Hammond

Taylor Hammond Profile

Southeastern Louisiana University offers a diverse selection of Psychology courses and majors, including Criminal Psychology, a subject that has fascinated the aptly named Taylor “Hammond” since her arrival at SELU.

Hammond initially wanted to be an arts major but doubted career feasibility after graduation. After taking a Psych 101 course with Mr. Lester Culver, she found her true calling: Criminal Psychology.

Her initial fascination came with the understanding that the United States has the highest incarceration rate in the developed world, and the highest rate of repeat offenders, according to the National Institute of Justice. This signified to Hammond that most prisoners aren’t being properly rehabilitated, and this resonated with her.

After meeting with Mr. Culver outside of class to get a better understanding of what it would take to work in the field, she also realized she has interest in working with the criminally insane.

“When I talked to my parents about it, they basically asked ‘(how) could you  sit across from someone who killed someone?  said Hammond. “How could you sit across from a rapist?’ and I think that if you can get your mind to a place where you realize these are people too, and in many cases, mentally ill people,… then you will have that desire to help them. They need to be rehabilitated and treated for their sickness just like someone (who) gets a cold.”

Hammond is a sophomore and plans on attending grad school here at Southeastern after she finishes her initial studies. There are several different Psychology clubs and organizations she is looking to join, including Psi Chi, the honors society for Psychology students. More information on Psychology majors and how to get involved with the Psychology program can be found on the Southeastern website.


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