Southeastern student nurses find encouragement and fellowship in one another on campus

The Southeastern Nurses Christian Fellowship is an association that gives student nurses a support group rooted in beliefs and faith. Members are able to come together for support and fellowship with other student nurses who they can directly relate to. They can also reach out to students outside of NCF and members of the local community.

Holly Spadoni was elected as NCF’s president this fall and she says she is “happy to help others carry out the purpose of the organization”. Spadoni says the purpose and motto of NCF is to “be a witnessing community of the Lord, deepen and strengthen the spiritual life of the members, help students and faculty to discover God’s role for them and help them recognize their potential, provide education and opportunities on spiritual patient care and to grow in love for God, God’s word, and God’s people.”

Mitzie Meyers, faculty adviser of NCF for the past 5 years says, “NCF integrates faith and nursing practice, while providing support, mutual encouragement and networking to fellow nursing students as they journey through nursing school.”

The NCF also does outreach and fundraising for the community. Their service project this semester is on Oct. 12 at 4 p.m. at Pennington SAC. It’s going to be an outreach for RecKids with the goal of reducing children’s fear of clinics and hospitals. The student nurse volunteers will dress in clinical attire and show children, through games and activities, what they can expect in a medical setting.

Some of the on-campus student outreach activities include handing out inspirational messages and candy as pick-me-ups during finals week and selling candy grams on holidays. Theses profits go to benefit foster children at Royal Family Kids.

The treasurer of NCF this year is Raylin Willie. Willie says that “being a part of NCF allows me to fellowship with others that have two major things in common with me; a love for God and a love for nursing. Nursing school can be trying at times so it is nice to have others to build you up.”

Meetings for NCF usually take place three times per semester. The times and places vary due to student nurses having busy schedules. The members are emailed a date, time, and location, where they will gather to discuss current NCF news and upcoming events.

NCF is open to any SELU nursing students, graduate students, clinical caregivers and faculty that is committed to NCF’s basis of faith and purpose at Southeastern. There are no fees or points required to become or stay a member of NCF, and all denominations are welcome.

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