Southeastern Spring Breakers Speak Out

[HAMMOND, LA]– A Southeastern survey sent out on Feb. 23 collected data from Southeastern students showing that 76.5 percent of students surveyed are spending spring break at home, while 23.5 percent will be vacationing.

Southeastern students will be off of school beginning April 14 for their spring break and Easter holiday.

Thirty-six students were surveyed about their plans for spring break. Of the 36 students, 36.1 percent were freshman, 22.2 percent were sophomores, 22.2 percent were juniors, and 19.4 percent were seniors.

Sophomore Ashley Segretto theorized the outcome of the survey and said, “I feel like for college students, they would see it more as a vacation time than as a religious holiday. I know it is a religious holiday, but I feel like most wouldn’t celebrate it for religious reasons.”

Out of the 36 students who were surveyed, 24 of them plan to spend most of their time at home over break rather than going on vacation. “I didn’t expect that, because when you look at social media you see everyone out on vacation and you feel like you’re the only one who stays home,” said Segretto.

Additionally, out of the 36 students who were surveyed, 91.7 percent of students said that they viewed Easter as a religious holiday, while 8.3 percent did not. “I mean, I see Easter as a religious holiday as well, just because I grew up in church and as a Christian. So I was also taught what Easter was actually about,” said Brittany Veron, a Communication major and sophomore at Southeastern.

Senior education major Brittney Nickens talks about the age dynamic of the survey and said, “I think that it is definitely an age thing that decides what students do over Spring Break. Personally, I remember the pressures of freshman year where I thought I had to go on some elaborate trip for spring break. Now as a senior, I just look forward to getting away from people and spending time with my family.”

An article from states that the beaches of Gulf Shores will be having an alcohol ban in effect and will be cracking down on underage drinking for those choosing to vacation for spring break.

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