Southeastern plans to give Student Union a KwikBoost


An IPhone that needs to get a quick boost of energy

An IPhone that needs to get a quick boost Photo by Robert Pecarrere, 2013

The Student Government Association met for their first meeting of the semester on Aug. 26 in Fayard Room 107 at 5 p.m.. Officers and senators of the Student Government Association wrote a new piece into legislature involving electronic equipment: the installation of a public phone charging station called KwikBoost. The legislation for KwikBoost was voted and approved on Sept. 9.

According to its’ LinkedIn profile, KwikBoost is a privately-owned business located in Texas and founded in 2010. In addition, Kwikboost stated on its LinkedIn site further information about their products. It shows the capabilities of the electronic charging station. Capabilities ranging from how customizable to how durable it is to how energy efficient it is. It also allows for numerous popular electronic items to be charged, free of charge.

In an interview on Sept. 3, the staff of Southeasterns student union is “planning to integrate KwikBoost in the new facility with a slow roll out,” said Jonathan Ambrose, director of the student union. In short, KwikBoost would at first be a trial run in order to gauge the interest of students. In terms of this trial run, Ambrose said:

  • There will be two charging stands.
  • The two booths will be installed with no cost.
  • Each booth will be capable of charging up to eight different electronic devices.
  • There is no fee in order to use the charging station.
  • KwikBoost has the option of customization.

For more information on the addition to the Student Union e-mail Jonathan Ambrose or Jeff Simmons at KwikBoost stands are planned to be made available in the new addition to the Student Union along with numerous other facilities. The latest addition to the Student Union is predicted to be available to students and faculty in Spring 2014 as early as January 21.


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