Southeastern offers fixed net tuition plan for incoming freshmen

The university unveiled its “Southeastern Promise” this month. The plan is making waves as it’s the only one of its kind in the state, shielding students from future tuition raises and promising class availability to ensure a four-year degree completion.

The program, beginning Summer 2017, allows new freshmen to enroll.  At least 30 credit hours towards the selected degree must be earned each year, making for 15 hours, typically 5 classes, a semester. The full-time program demands more dedication and time from students who may take longer to graduate due to work and other responsibilities. A GPA minimum of 2.0 and good academic standing is necessary for the duration of the program.

The university will provide counseling to help students select their major by the first day of their third semester and an assigned academic adviser will provide assistance and establish a curriculum. If an additional semester is needed because of courses, Southeastern will cover the tuition and fees in order to assist students in their degree completion.

“The Southeastern Promise is a game-changer in Louisiana,” said Southeastern President John L. Crain in an April news release on the school’s website, “Earning a university degree is more important than ever, and also more expensive than ever before. Likewise financial planning for college has become difficult due to tuition increases. We hope to remove that future uncertainty for those students willing to participate and achieve their higher education goals in a timely manner.”

Following the GRAD act, a 2010 law that allowed universities that met certain standards to raise tuition without the usual two-thirds approval of the Legislature, tuition has more than doubled at Southeastern since 2009.

“I believe the promise of a set tuition will motivate more students to graduate on time,” said graduating senior Amairi Cordova.

Students who are interested in learning more about the Southeastern Promise can more about it on the website.

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