Southeastern Lions Come Short of Victory

Hammond–This past Saturday, the Southeastern Lions competed against Tulane University in New Orleans. The Lions, who are returning from a championship year, felt they could take on the big task of defeating a higher ranked school. Marice Sutton, a senior defensive back who helped the lions accomplish the South Land Conference Championship, was ready and eager to play this game. “Going into this, we felt that we were prepared to take on this team. They haven’t won a game since last November and we felt that there were some weak spots in their defense,” Sutton said. The game started at 7 pm, with fair conditions. Seconds into the game, the Lions received their first penalty. It would be the first of 154 penalties that littered the game. Fans at the Yulman Stadium, which opened recently after going through a $24 million renovation, were as equally heated as the men down in the field. Lions fans came out in droves, thanks to the athletic association’s contribution of a fan bus to take them to the game. By the second quarter, the defeat was imminent. Byron Johnson, a redshirt junior wide receiver, felt the pressure. “After getting so many penalties, we felt that we needed to go back into this game and make our fans proud,” said Johnson. Bryan Bennett, senior quarterback and Walter Payton award finalist, tried to make a comeback during the second half, but most of his passes were not connecting. After many failed passes to his top target junior Jeff Smiley, Bennett reworked his plan and passed to Jeremy Meyers for Meyer’s first touchdown of the 2014 football season. The crowd erupted in cheers, and it looked like the lions were on their way to make a major comeback. Ryan Adams, a kicker for the lions, also helped put the team on the board. He attempted four field goals, and out of those four, he achieved two.

The lions will go on to face Southeast Missouri Saturday.

Outside the Yulman Stadium on game day.

Outside the Yulman Stadium on game day.

This team is filled with playmakers. Isaiah Corbett returned a pass that gave the lions a 33-yard advantage.  That play was eliminated as the Green Wave gained on our lions with a few minutes left in this game.

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