Southeastern Graduates Go Green

Southeastern graduating seniors have now, hopefully, ordered invitations, purchased class rings and hung up their robes. Green robes. Undergraduates will be flaunting the iconic Southeastern green robes and graduate students the regal black robes. The change in robe color is about a year in the making and creates a distinction between undergraduate and graduate students.

Senior communication major Jordan Reid likes the change.

“When they [the robes] were black, the graduates looked like they could have come from any school. Now that they’re green, with our ‘S’ logo, you know that we graduated from Southeastern.” said Reid.

Grad fair is traditionally held in mid-march and gives seniors a convenient place to have all their graduation needs met. Seniors were fitted with the new green robes for yearbook pictures and told not to iron the robes unless they want to be a replacement set.

“I think the green robes are nice because they do represent Southeastern,” said senior communication major Brennan Morris. “However, the black robes appealed to the graduates the most, I believe. I don’t have a problem with either color. I would graduate in any color robe they give me as long as I get my diploma.”

Graduates still have much to do before the ceremony on May 13. Tomorrow, March 15, is the last day to apply for graduation and pay fees. Anyone trying to apply after tomorrow will be out of luck for the Spring 2017 semester. Graduates must also complete the exit survey, due May 11.

Graduates should also consider joining the Alumni Association which offers seniors ongoing Southeastern benefits like:

  • 10% discount on season athletic tickets
  • Career counseling and job placement services
  • 10% Discount for non-credit courses through Office of Extended Studies

Once graduation is over, students should consider donating their robes.

A complete list of alumni benefits can be found here.

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