Southeastern Football Practice Updates #5 and #6

As February 27th inches closer, Lions Football Head Coach Frank Scelfo and coaching staff prepare for the spring season. Although there aren’t any Saturday Night Lights, the Lions have still put up some high performance during fall practice these past few weeks. 

Practice number five held promise for the offense as the wide receiver group has been able to handle passes from Cole Kelley and Cephus Jones. The competition heightens as the dream of gameday continues to approach. Along with improvements from the receivers, Scelfo sees some impressive strides from his quarterbacks. With another quarterback duo forming between returning starter, Cole Kelly, who was a redzone quarterback last season, and newcomer, Cephus Jones, Scelfo is happy with the turnout performance.  Head Coach Frank Scelfo said.” I think what you’re starting to see is development with both of the guys. So it’s exciting to watch. You know their leadership skills are starting to show in both of them. They’re doing a good job, mastering the offense with what they need to do as a quarterback, but also incorporating a lot of their teammates, so I think that’s pretty good.”

Jones is a transfer from South Alabama, while Cole Kelly is last year’s transfer from University of Arkansas with a total of over 1,000 yards in passing and rushing. Jones comes up in the ranks after throwing 900 yards and five touchdown passes in eight games as a sophomore and played as a redshirt freshman in 2018, throwing three touchdown passes. Both are made for the game as Kelly stands at 6 ft 7 inches, weighing in at 260 pounds. Jones comes in at 6 ft, 5 inches, and 220 pounds. 

On the defensive side of the ball, the secondary is looking sharp according to Coach Scelfo. “Probably the one that’s coming along faster is our secondary. We’ve got some guys back there who really are starting to grow and develop. And because of that, I think what’s  happening is that they’re competing against each other. They’re working and all getting better. They’re all in the same room studying film, talking, doing things like that, and they get out on the field, they’re working together.” Scelfo said. 

Most recent practices have been focused on late game situations for the defense.   


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