Southeastern cheer prepares for nationals

Unlike most students who will be relaxing during Christmas Break, the Socheer-nationalsutheastern cheerleaders will be preparing to compete at UCA College Nationals. Nationals will take place Jan. 14-16, in Orlando, Florida where the Lions will compete against numerous collegiate teams across the nation. In the past four years, Southeastern cheerleaders have been recognized as top three in the nation. Southeastern cheerleaders have chosen to incorporate new strategies and techniques this season to push for first place medal. For their first implementation, the cheerleaders have made it a priority to workout at 7 a.m. each morning as a team.

Third year leader Savannah Harley said, “I think this team is very different from previous years because we are together six out of seven days of the week. We have the opportunity to win because we have a better understanding of each team-member’s limits and we know how hard to push that person as an individual.”

The cheerleaders have chosen to devote their winter break to this competition, practicing everyday for four hours, excluding Christmas Day.

Third year leader Lauren Pizzolato said, “Of course the practices are brutal, but keeping our eye’s on that gold metal is what makes the blood, sweat and tears worth it. We have to focus on mind over matter and remind ourselves that other teams are working just as hard as we are.”

This competition is known as the most prestigious college cheerleading championship in the country. The Southeastern cheerleaders look forward to seeing the competition.


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