Southeastern announces updated campus safety plan

On Oct. 26, Southeastern introduced two new features to its campus safety plan: an outdoor public address system and a safe campus app. The system will sound a siren and send messages to students’ devices, and the app details university procedures for several crisis scenarios.

The renovated plan comes after College Choice, a national resource guide, named Southeastern among the top twenty safest schools in the nation. The university was also the only Louisiana campus to make the list, because it offers more than 40 emergency phones that connect callers to the university’s police department.

“Maintaining a safe campus for our students, faculty, staff, and other visitors to Southeastern is of paramount importance to the university,” said Southeastern president John Crain in a news release. “We are pleased that our continuing efforts have earned Southeastern recognition as the safest university in the state and one of the safest in the nation.”

When deciding the nation’s safest schools, College Choice gathers information about the crime rate in the cities where the campuses are located. On-campus crime is a factor in the ranking, as well, since the company includes statistics about hate crimes, total arrests, violence against women, and other emergencies.

Christine Leonard takes comfort in knowing that her campus cares about the safety of its students. “It makes me safe knowing that if I get in trouble or something goes wrong, I can call campus police,” Leonard, a senior majoring in general studies, said.

Students may download the free safe campus app from

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