Southeastern alumnus spreads faith internationally

A 2014 psychology graduate of Southeastern expanded her target audience from Hammond, where her church is based, to the world. Chasity Jones embarked on her first mission trip out of the United States to Cambodia this past summer.

“I was very excited to go spread the word of God,” Jones said.

The Wesley Methodist Foundation, which is located on campus, sponsored Jones. The foundation raised all of the money for Jones’s mission trip to Cambodia, including airfare and accommodations. Jones stated that she  raised money for her international travel shots and her passport fee.

“It was truly divine intervention, The Wesley Foundation has free lunch on Wednesdays and I always go. When I arrived, I didn’t know that my pastor had already spoken to Mr. Wesley and made him promise to take me on a mission trip. The next one was to Cambodia,” said Jones.

Within the two weeks she was there, Jones was immersed in the Buddhist culture of Cambodia while still finding people that believed in Christianity, although it seemed taboo.

“They (the government) are kind on strict on religion in Cambodia, Christians could be persecuted for preaching openly in the streets,” Jones said. Jones spent most of her time addressing Christian run orphanages and seldom visited churches in rural areas.

“Cambodia gets many missionaries, so on our trip, the pastor wanted us to reach out to churches that the other missionaries missed,” said Jones. Her group traveled two hours outside of the capital city of Phnom Penh to rural villages with little modern inventions.

Jones said she did visit many tourist attractions like the Ta Prohmn Temple, one of the most visited sites in Cambodia but she wasn’t as excited about the country as she was about her mission.  She was on a mission and was focused to complete it.

Jones recently received a job as an at risk-teen counselor, but continues to do the work of God in her spare time. She belongs to the Harvest church in Hammond where she is the leader of a young adult group and hopes to join the Wesley foundation again on a mission trip to India this spring.

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