Something borrowed, something new, Dracula is coming soon.

In the wise words of Dracula, “To believe in things we cannot is one thing, but to see them unfold before your eyes is another.” Southeastern Louisiana University’s theater department plans for upcoming plays such as Dracula for the upcoming fall semester.

Theatre Professor Jim Winter said, “Dracula has been done hundreds of times. There are probably more written versions than you knew even existed. What if I could write it so differently that no one has seen it like that yet?”

Winter will be writing the script and directing the upcoming play this next semester. In his script, he hopes to bring ideas forth that have never been used.

“It is not often that you even see a Dracula play to begin with,” said Winter. “A movie or story, then yeah sure. But for a play/script? Not so much. I take this as my turn to bring something new for my theatre crew to do.”

Winter plans for Dracula to take place in the 1920s and to be an example of a black and white movie. This includes black and white body paint, clothes, stage props and lighting.

“I want the audience to be endorsed in the vibe of the older days,” said Winter. “I want it to feel like you are sitting in a black and white movie that has come to life before you.”

The plot of the original book focuses on thriller, love, longing and struggles. Winter plans for his script to focus more on the thriller of Dracula and elaborating who he really was.

Senior English creative writing major Alexis Durante said, “My job as stage is to make sure the actors, stage mangers, prop masters and more, know the history of who Dracula really is. I am here to help them understand how to become more than just the script.”

It takes more than just the script to plan the perfect actor. It takes time, endurance, effort and knowledge. Starting in the first few days of August of the Fall 2018 semester, auditions will begin in the Vonnie Borden theater in D. Vickers hall.

“I’ll do hours of research until the beginning of August,” said Durante. “I’ll watch every old Dracula movie and read as many scripts as I can to help give the best foundation for these characters.”

The foundation of characters can give the actors ideas of who to be and how they got there, but it may be more challenging if characters are gender swapped.

“My changes to the script don’t just start with the words, makeup or props,” said Winter. “My surprise for the audience is that some main characters are gender swapped. As of what characters, that will be up to the audience to discover.”

Junior general studies major Jadan Deshotels said, “I think it will be nice to see a new approach of a topic on campus. We have seen romance, paranormal, comedy and even a musical. But I can’t remember a time where a ‘thrill’ was the topic at hand.”

Students can plan for more information on this thrilling play to become revealed over late July and early August.

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