SLU’s twist on the election

On Nov. 7, Southeastern students held a mock town hall debate to help lure students into participating more efficiently in this year’s election. The debate welcomed over 100 students and staff members.

The mock debate was held in Southeastern’s student ballroom. The communication department and honor’s college had the privilege of hosting this event, and sharing their knowledge of this year’s election with fellow peers.

“I was skeptical about attending this debate because I had a feeling it may be boring, but after 5 minutes of watching I was very impressed to see how much these people knew about the election,” said SLU student Kayla Lacoste. “This was my first time attending something of this nature, and I think it was beneficial that students participated in this debate because it made the event very interesting and easy to follow.”

Along with this event, Southeastern has encouraged students to go out and vote on Nov. 8 for the next leaders of the U.S. with the help of social media.

“I was most impressed by the level of knowledge that my peers had on both of the candidates, the election in general and political policies. People tend to dismiss things that the 18-24 year old demographic has to say, but this event proved that we are worth our salt,” said Madison Chauvin.

The U.S. election is the biggest event happening in 2016. SLU students are eager to see what the future holds for America.

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