SLU’s Physical Plant and Sustainability Department planning big Earth Day event

Southeastern’s Physical Plant and Sustainability Department are hosting an Earth Day event for local high schools on April 22, 2016 at Southeastern’s Sustainability Center.

Earth Day is the anniversary of the modern environmental movement. It is a day that people and communities come together to support and protect the environment.

Director of Physical Plant Byron Patterson said, “On Earth Day we want to open people’s minds up to sustainability efforts. It is about incorporating all the different things, it’s about doing things right, using renewable energies, it’s about being environmentally responsible. All these different components and bringing them together so that people understand.”



Southeastern’s solar panel at the Sustainability Center.

Tours of Southeastern’s Sustainability Center will also be given to high school students. They will have the chance to see the sustainable efforts the department takes towards Southeastern’s go green initiative such as, man-made ponds that recycle water, thermal solar panels that heats greenhouses, and the self-sustained Southeastern Environmental Education Development outreach classroom.

There will be vendors at the Earth Day event showcasing different forms of sustainability. The students will have a chance to meet vendors and learn how certain sustainable products work.

High school students are allowed to enter a sustainable tabletop competition that will take place during the Earth Day event. The top eight sustainable tabletop projects will receive a small scholarship from the Physical Plant and Sustainability Department.

Patterson said, “When they are working on these tabletop projects it’s going to get them thinking about sustainability, making sustainable efforts prevalent in their mind.”

Saint Thomas Aquinas is the first local school that has shown an interested in participating in Southeastern’s Earth Day event, but all local high schools are invited to join in on this sustainable learning experience.

Southeastern students or faculty interested in volunteering for the Physical Plant and Sustainability Department’s Earth Day event can contact for more information.





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