SLU’s Department of Education is granted by Entergy Charitable Foundation


February 2017 makes two years since the College of Education was granted $22 thousand from the Entergy Charitable Foundation.

The money was given to the department to finance the LION Project (Learning In Our Neighborhood). The LION Project is an after-school program taught by Southeastern’s College of Education students to advocate academic success to young, middle-school students of lower economic class (Action 17 News).

The program was set forth for both Southeastern’s students majoring in education, and also for the elementary school students in the Tangipahoa Parish area. Potential teacher candidates of Southeastern are gaining exclusive experience for their future career by administering the elementary students involved in the LION Project.

The fees of running the program range from $5 to $30 per week, per each elementary student’s economic status. Gerlinde Beckers, assistant professor of Teaching and Learning is also the grant administrator for the LION Project. Becker told ActionNews17, “Many students lack positive role models and have scarce opportunities. The most successful students are those whose after-school time is occupied with enrichment activities that reinforce and extend classroom learning.” Currently, the LION Project organization is housed in the Hammond Westside Montessori School and St. Paul Lutheran Missionary Church. The grant has established a foundation of opportunities for elementary students to become more academically involved and focused on their future.

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